Why Outsource Part of Your Inbound Social/Business Media Targeted

> Digital Marketing is best left to the Experts
   > Advanced Skills
   > Business-to-Business(B2B) Marketing on the internet is a Process
   > No cost of Hiring and Training
   > No Ongoing Salary
   > No Employee Benefit Costs
   > Measurable Productivity & ROI

What are our Services and What are the Prices/Fees?
      Services Include:
1) Working with your Marketing & Sales Staff to Design, Co-
                 Ordinate, and Track Campaigns
             2) Advanced Ongoing Content Social/Business Media Campaigns
                 for Attracting Qualified Prospect/Lead Nurturing
             3) Integration of - and Distribution to - Business Media Distribution
                 Channels including:
                 Our Blogs, Linkedin Groups, ProducersWed, InsuranceCampus.org,
                 NOLHA, SIMA, HR.com, MyNewMarkets, BusinessKnowHow.com,
                 Global Risk Community, over 30 PR & News Feeds 
           4) Integration of - and Distribution to - Social Media Channels
                 including: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
             5) Consulting on Content Creation
             6) Consulting on SEO - Methodologies and Services to Utilize
             7) Consulting on Creating Landing Pages - the Design and

    Our Pricing/Fees 
BenefitPlace.biz has structured the Pricing/Fees to be affordable for Small as
             well as Larger Organizations. We do not work independent of your operation.
             We work with your existing capacities to keep your campaigns efficient and
                                      We do not segment the cost of the above services! Because all of the above
             services and consulting are integrated, we do not segment them. The
             success of ongoing campaigns depends on the proper co-ordination of the
             services and consulting.  Our current Process, Prices & Fees are as follows:
                   1) A one hour Free Consultation to learn more about your operations and
                       determine if we can successfully meet and exceed your Inbound
                       Marketing expectations.
$800 -- Initial Consultations & Set-Up - Establishing your Needs
                       and our Capacities (no additional charges if you chose not to continue)
$750 Monthly Fee -- Paid upon approval to move forward. Covers all of
                        the above Services -- except for Special Projects - (see below) 
                   4) Special Projects - From time to time you may desire projects or
                        consulting beyond the scope of our original agreement. On a case-by-
                        base basis we will quote you a flat fee or hourly amount.

How to get started! For more information Email - max@benefitplace.biz or Call
To begin your your initial consultation, utilize the PayPal Button to use your credit card or send a Check for $800 to - 
                                 3653 Winchell, Road Suite1
                                 Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122

As soon as the funds are received we will schedule the 1st initial consultation meeting!

Our Mission to meet and exceed your Inbound Marketing expectations. Our goal is to deliver qualified Inbound Qualified Prospect to your Organization and to Your Producers for Conversion into Clients and Revenue Streams!
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