Introducing... and
are the Premier Virtual Marketing Organizations
for the Insurance and Benefits Industry!
--Drive Self-Qualified Prospects to your Website Selling Page
--Expand your Markets      --Increase your Online Presence
--Reduce Your Marketing Costs      --Differentiate your Programs/Products/Service
--Increase your Revenues!
As Easy as 1, 2, 3 !!
BP BLASTS your Internet Marketing/ Sales Message to 1,000's of your Targeted Prospects through the BenefitPlace Blogs, its Premier Presence on LinkedIn, plus over 40 additional media outlets.
BP LINKS Self-Qualified Prospects  from your Marketing/Sales Messages
to your Well-Designed Website Sales/Landing Page
through: multiple Business/
Social Media Sites,
your Booth plus
Listings and Ads.
Your Sales Process CONVERTS
your Self-Qualified  Prospects into BUYERS for your Company's Programs/Products/

Why Outsource Part or All of Your Inbound Marketing?
--B2B Internet Marketing is a Process-over-Time requiring advanced skills; while BP implements your Inbound Marketing campaign, you can use your time to attend to the work of your speciality.

--The BP Campaign for your Company doesn't require that you employ an additional marketing person and that saves money on salary, training, and benefits;
your Company only need your best sales people to convert the self-qualified leads into BUYERS.

--The BenefitPlace B2B Targeted Inbound Marketing campaign delivers measurable productivity and ROI.
What Products/Services
does BP Provide?

--4 Exhibit Booth Pages on
(a $2,880 Value)

--6 Listings and 6 Display Ads on
(a $975 Value)

--Coordination and Tracking of your campaign

--Advanced, ongoing Social/Business Media campaigns to attract Self-Qualified Prospects/Lead Nurturing

--Integration and Distribution of your Information/Marketing Content to Business Media Channels Including: Blogs, LinkedIn Groups, ProducersWeb,, NOLHA, SIMA,, MyNewMarkets,, Global Risk Community,
and over 30 PR and News Feeds

--Integration and Distribution of your Information/Marketing Content to Social Media Channels Including:  Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

--Consultation on Content Creation,
SEO Methodologies and Services, and the
Design and Utilization of Landing Pages
Inbound Marketing as a Prospect Magnet
Inbound Marketing Drives
Self-Qualified Prospects to Your Website Selling Page!
Next Steps:
Contact BenefitPlace to discuss how the Mega B2B Targeted Inbound Marketing Campaign
can deliver Self-Qualified Prospects to your Company.
1. Call: 216.577.5579

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How it Works, Why you Should Consider It,
What it Offers, the Pricing, and Next Steps
Mega B2B Inbound Marketing to Drive Sales
The Introductory Pricing for the
All-Inclusive Package:

$800 Start-up
for the First Month

$750 per Month
Marketing Strategies for Driving Sales
Inbound Marketing
Marketing Choices

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Directory Listings

Display Ads (5 pgs)

Exhibitor Pages (5 pgs)

Mega B2B Marketing

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