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BenefitPlace will assist you in selecting and integrating Employee Benefits Enrollment Options locally, regionally, and nationally.  For more information visit our webpage - "Enrollment".  Enrollment methodologies, as listed below, can be be used separately or integrated to meet specific situations and needs.

The Choices Include: 

     1) One-on-One (Person-to-Person)
     2) Group Meetings & Opt. In-or-out (Spreadsheet)
     3) Software Based
     4) Internet Based (Web)
     5) Call Center
     6) Avatar Based
     7) Integration of two or more of the above

When "Selecting an Enrollment Company", BenefitPlace suggests making sure that the Carriers, Brokers and/or Vendors participate in the expense of the enrollment process.  The Company selected should have experience working with groups of your Organization's size, industry, number of location, and distribution of Employees.

Benefit Enrollment Companies Include:

Tantum Benefit Solutions - (www.tantum.biz)
   We specialize in providing a One Source solution to enrolling,
    communicating and managing both core and voluntary benefits.

                           Call - Zina Oster - (dir) 503-552-5856
                                                                  (c) 503-577-7688
                       Email - info@tantum.biz

4myBenefits - www.4mybenefits.com
A.D.A.M. (Benergy) -
ATD Employer Solutions - www.atdemployersolutions.com
AEGIAS Corp. - www.aegias.com
Alliance Benefit Group - www.abgnational.com
American Insurnet - www.americaninsurnet.com
ATD Employer Solutions - www.atdemployersolutions.com
Benefit Associates Inc. - www.benecenter.com
Benefit Communications - www.benefitcommunications.com
Benefit Enrollment Services (BESI) - www.benibenefits.com
Benefit Express - www.benefitexpress.info
Benefit Resources Inc. - www.britulsa.com
Benefit Vision - www.benefitvision.com
Benefit Your Busines - www.benefityourbusiness.biz
Benefitdecisions - www.benefitdecisions.com
Benelogic - www.benelogic.com
BeneTrac - www.benetrac.com
Black Mountain Group - www.blackmountaingroup.com
Brokers National Life - www.bnlac.com
CB Solutions - www.cbsolutions.net
ClearBenefits - www.myclearbenefits.com
Complete Benefit Alliance - www.cba-companies.com
Cornerstone Enrollment Services - www.cornerstonevb.com
Corporate Benefit Solutions - www.cbs-ga.com
Corporate Benefit Specialists - www.corpbenefitspecialists.com
Cost Containment Group - www.costcontainmentcorp.com
EMC National Life - www.emcnl.com
Emerson Reid & Co. - www.emersonreid.com
Empliant - www.empliant.com
Employee Benefit Communications - www.ebcfl.com
Employee Family Protection - www.efp@now.com
Employee Security Plans - www.espbenefits.com
Employee Security Plans, Inc. - www.espbenefits.com
Enroller Resource Center - www.enrollerresoucecenter.com
eNrollment Technologies - www.enrollmenttechnologies.com
EOI Service Co. - www.eoiservice.com
Falcon Technologies, Inc. (Enrollment Tech.) - www.falctech.com
Farmington Co. - www.farmingtonco.com
HR Technology Advisors - www.hrtadvisors.com
HRCG - www.hrconsultinggroup.com
Impact Enrollment Solutions - www.impactenrollment.com
Infisource Inc. - www.infinisource.net
National Benefit Consultants, Inc. - www.nbcbenefits.com
National Benefits Group of America - www.nbgamerica.net
National Enrollment Services - www.nesbenefits.com
Online Insurance Services - www.oisworld.com
Parker Group - www.parkerbenefits.com
Primbyte.com Inc. - www.primbyte.com
SHPS - www.carewisehealth.com
Select Benefits Communications Grp. - www.selectbenefitsgroup.com
Tantum Benefit Solutions - www.mpgahmassoc.com
Titan Benefit Communications - www.titan-benefits.com
Transcend Technologies Group - www.transcendtechgroup.com
Univers Workplace Benefits - www.universworkplace.com
Voluntary Benefits Systems, Inc. - www.voluntarybenefits.net
Workscape - www.workscape.com
Worksite Communications - www.enrollmentcopany.com
Worksite Services Inc. - www.worksiteservicesinc.com

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