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Financial Planning, and essential accompanying services, are involved in the process of meeting an individual's, family's, and businesses' needs and goals.  These goals can be as short term as purchasing the correct amount and type of insurance to the long-term goal of saving for retirement.  There are several steps inherent to the planning process.  These include:

1).  Setting goals and objectives for the near and
       3).  Gathering relevant information
       4).  Selecting the appropriate Brokers, Advisors and
             Service Companies
       5).  Examining your current financial status and
              prospects for the future
       6).  Developing a set of strategies for reaching your
       7).  Establishing time-lines for action and meeting
       8).  Implementing the plans
       9).  Monitoring the success of the plan
     10).  Making adjustments as required to arrive at the

According to a recent article on the "Financial Planning" planning website,, "nearly two-thirds of consumers do not have a written financial plan".  The statistic was taken from the 2009 National Consumer Survey on Personal Finance.  For more information on retirement plans visit the IRS website -

BenefitPlace highly recommends working with trained professionals to assist in evaluating, implementing, and monitoring
a financial plan.  The regulatory organization that creates and enforces uniform standards of competency, practice and ethics for Financial Planners is the Certified Financial Board of Standards Inc. that after training and testing grants the designation of Certified Financial Planner (CFP).  The Board's website is:

The website will provide access to a directory of CFPs by area and is a convenient starting point for finding a Financial planner to meet your specific needs.

  Financial Adviser Network (
  Retirement planning services include:
  Estate Planning – Asset Management –
  Life Insurance & Annuities – Pension Setup
  and Investment Management.

  We provide you with two distinct platforms of an RIA “Allied
  Financial Consultant LLC” and an insurance company
  “Fin Net LLC” to ensure your financial needs are resolved.
  Financial Advisor Network is a DBA
from which Advisers with
  Allied Financial Consultant operate.

We combine 2 distinct platforms of an RIA and an insurance
  company to provide you with a package that is a complete 
  financial solution for all of your needs. We help you by using a
  total asset review approach and look at all areas of your cash
  flow. This includes goals, asset protection insurance, and total
  cost to you for all financial products.
Our advice is always based
  on a maximum protection / minimum cost / maximum gain
  model. We invite to -
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Certified Financial Planners (CFP)
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