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Each of these four strategies independently and working together have numerous features that require technologies to deliver intended results.  Only a few years ago the technology - software and cloud Based - did not exist to permit the Insurance and Benefits Decision- Makers these opportunities.  Decision-Makers included: Insurance Carriers, Wholesalers, Brokers, TPAs, Enrollment Companies, Employers, and Individuals.
     The services that demanded technology based innovation included:
               > Plan Design
               > Underwriting
               > Claims Management
               > Rolling-Out Plans to Distribution Channels
               > Effective Use of the Internet, Search Engines, SEO, etc.
               > Marketing to Distribution Channels
               > Employee Benefits Education and Communications
               > Enrollment Capacities
               > Data Management and Distribution
               > Federal and State Regulatory/Compliance Management - Including ERISA,
                  COBRA, 5500s, Summary Plan Documents, Reimbursement Plans, PPACA,
                  and more

As recently as March 21, 2012, Insurance Networking News proclaimed "Technology Sought to Bolster Employee Benefits"!  They went on to say, "Majority of U.S. employers expect benefits technology to surge as improvements in cost management, functionality and efficiency become a priority."

Prudential Financial, Inc. wrote in a series of five Research Briefs that "'Today & Beyond,'" employers expect the importance of benefits technology to grow substantially over the next five years".

PPACA, the Supreme Court Ruling, and the re-election of President Obama have not only made new technologies imperative but are inspiring existing and new companies to invest in developing systems.  An article in Employee Benefit Advisor by Craig J. Davidson, CEBS on September 1, 2012 stated, "Economics of this complex law dictate more automation."  Without new technologies the article goes on to point out that "Health insurance consumers will face a confounding world of clicks, more buttons, clunky computer interfaces and reams of cold, detached content that attempts to educate confused health care consumers."

The article continues, "We will see technology dominating our industry by automating procurement, transactions, service and knowledge management. The insurance exchanges in 2014 will accelerate this automation...  Entrepreneurs are already preparing that automation. This is the Orwellian future of the technology..."

As this web page stated in the introduction, "The Future is Now!".
For all groups within the Insurance Industries, it is imperative that they embrace these "Disruptive Changes" and shift away from what for years was a to what was a comfortable norm.  Changes will be a matter of Survival of the Fittest! and plan to track these technological developments on the websites as well as on our Blog, BenefitPlace,  and through our Linkedin Group, Insurance Forum.