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The / Vesta Ltd.'s Online Store leverages the Power of the Internet, Search Engines, Social Business Media, and SEO to deliver best-of-class Insurance & Benefits related Plans, Programs, and Services to Brokers, Employers, Employees, and Individuals.

The Virtual Store brings buyers and sellors together
from the comfort of their offices or homes learn about
and purchase Plans, Programs, and/or Services to
reduce risk and to meet business and person needs. 

How do we select our Vendors? Our research and information center,, is continually
scouring the Insurance & Benefits markets looking
for Plans, Programs, and services that differentiate
themselves while meet meeting specific needs of
Brokers, Employers, Employees, and Individuals.
Our goal is to encompass and bring together the
Health and Life (H&L), Property and Casualty (P&C),

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and the Voluntary/Worksite Companies. Vendor/Provides who would like to be included can Email Phil at or Call 216.577.5579.

What do we provide Brokers, Employers, Employees, and Individuals? We provide an opportunity to shop through best-in-class, differentiated Insurance & Benefits related Plans, Programs and/or Services that are may be outside of their knowledge base and that may assist in reducing risk or meeting specific needs! Within any sector of the Industries we may offer one or more opportunities based on their meeting specific need of their Targeted Markets. While we are not recommending or endorsing the Plans, Programs, and/or Services, we do provide links to their profiles we have built on BPTradeShow. The profiles provide information about the Organizations and the opportunities they offer! Brokers, Employers, Employees, and Individuals who have questions should Email or Call 216.577.5579!
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