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Who are Users? 
Individuals in the Benefits/Insurance Marketplace
Small Businesses Needing a Broker, Agent, Consultant and/or Benefits/Insurance/Services
Human Resources Departments or CFOs of Larger Organizations Evaluating Benefit Options in the Marketplace
Brokers/Agents/or Consultants Searching for Information about Programs, Products, and Services
Carriers/Vendors Looking to Understand and Access their Potential Marketplaces
  What is the Process for Searching Out
   Benefit Information, Product(s), or Design on its Website?  Offers its Users the Opportunity to Gain a Greater Return on Invested Benefit Dollars (ROI).
Need Help?

Using (BP)
    A Sample Decision-Making Process for all Users
    Define Yourself
Broker/Agent/Consultant Benefit/Insurance Plans -   Service Companies
? for Help Brokers/Agents/ Consultants  Benefit/Insurance Cos. Service Companies
    Determine Timing
to Buy or Implement
Brokers/Agents/Consultants Plans-Products-Services
Research Alternatives
Who's in the Market?  What's their Specialty?  Are they the Best of Class?  Can You Work Together?
Compare: Quality, Choices, and Prices
Brokers/Agents/Consultants Plans - Products - Services
Implement or Purchase
Review Documents - Save Receipts & Documents  -Review Claims Processes
and Others Procedures
Service Companies
      to implement
What Services do your Plans Require?  What are their Specialties?
Are they the Best of Class?
   Make Selections
Brokers/Agents/ Consultants -
Review or Research as Needed
Set Time to Review and Evaluate & Track Satisfaction During Period Repeat at Least Annually
Alternative Choices
Who Else is in the Market?  What Differentiates Them?  Are there Quality Differences?
Can You Work Together?
        Notify Parties
     Brokers /Agents /  
Consultants /
Service Companies
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