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Becoming Listed - Vendor/Provides of Health and Life Insurance related Plans, Programs and/or Services
who would like to be listed on this Section should
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BenefitPlace / Vesta Ltd
Vesta Property & Casualty (p&c)

Simplifying The Insurance & Benefits Decision-Making Process For All Parties
Helping You Find Insurance & Benefits Portfolio Solutions

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About Vesta Property & Casualty (p&c) -- Vesta
Property & Casualty has been designed to feature
best-of-class - Unique Plans, Programs, & Services
offered to Organizations, Employees, and Individuals
to mitigate personal and property risk. The Plans
include, but are not limited to: automobile; homeowmers;
renters; businessowners (property and liability); workers'
comp; capital assets; crime and fidelity; electronic
commerce; employment-related practices liability;
equipment breakdown; farm; financial institutions;
general liability; watercraft; marine; D&O; E&O and
many other categories! If it can be damaged, injured,
or sued, it can be insured!
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The Vesta websites bring buyers and sellors together
from the comfort of their offices or homes to learn about 
and purchase Plans, Programs, and/or Services to reduce
risk and to meet business and personal needs.

How do we select our Vendors? Our research and information center,, is continually scouring the Insurance & Benefits markets looking
for Plans, Programs, and services that differentiate themselves while meet meeting specific needs of Business Owners, Organizations, and Individuals.

Becoming Listed - Vendor/Provides who would like to be included on the pages should Email Phil at or Call 216.577.5579.

Risk Management provides cost-savings and peace-of-mind!
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