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BPTradeShow provides Insurers/Providers, Employers, Consultants, and Enrollment Companies access to Brokers who specialize in working with Employers to Design and Deliver the "Best-in-Class" of Voluntary/Worksite Plans and their Carriers to meet the Needs and "Price Points" of Employees. 
Voluntary Benefit Brokers
(Worksite Benefit Brokers)
A List of Worksite Benefit Specialists Follows:
Benefits USA (www.benefits-usa.com) -
   A Brokers Resource Center for Cost-Saving Plans!
   Health Savings Programs to Protect You and Your Family
   See Our Plans & Services - Start Saving!
   Plans include: (1) The Health Saving Plan - Savings on
   dental, vision, alternative care, hearing, and other health and
   wellness programs, (2)
MDLIVE Telemedicine - A National Telemedicine
(Watch the Video), (3) Accident Disability Income Insurance
   Program offered by Lloyds of London (
Check-Out This Plan)

   Benefits-USA was developed as an exciting new program intended to
   address some of the increasing threats to the financial security and
   medical welfare of people today. This program will help your business
   or you as an individual or family counter the attacks on your business
   or personal life coming from a number of directions! The selected programs
   were assembled from industry-leading benefit providers into an affordable,
   integrated package that is marketed and managed in an efficient
   web-based program.

                                               Contact Information:
                                   Lee Gerber
                                   Website – http://www.benefits-usa.com
                                   Direct Phone – 516.239.1332
                                   Mobile 817.371.8845
                                   Email leeberger@optionline.net


Lavine Long Term Care Insurance (www.lavineltcins.com) -

Many people fail to realize the value of insuring against the
consequences: financial, emotional, and physical, of extended care
until someone close to them needed it and didn’t have it. These brief
videos explain, why having a care giving plans helps those who need
caregiving and family or friends who will be responsible for their
care giving --
http://youtu.be/ZQrYrcR6b2Y or http://goo.gl/PUyH9c

Selecting an experencied and trusted advisor for extended-care
insurance needs to accomplished “right the first time.” Those who
have chosen to work with Ramond Lavine say that he knowledgable
about extended care benefits to have a conversation with why not
having a caregiving plan will disrupt your lifestyle and commitments
in the future.

We do not offer an online quote, as some sites do, because we’ve
never found an online system that will provide useful
plan designs.
Of more value, we offer a no-cost, no-obligation
personalized quote. Fill out as much or as little of our online form as
you wish to begin the process. Get the story and an accurate price
quotation from Raymond Lavine. -
Watch our LTC Videos:
http://www.lavineltcins.com/VIDEO or http://youtu.be/ZQrYrcR6b2Y

Raymond Lavine is licensed in the states of Arizona, California, Idaho,
Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah,
Washington, & Wyoming
Contact Information:
Raymond Lavine
                                    Website - www.lavineltcins.com
                                    Direct Phone - 253.275.6091
                                    Email - raymond@lavineltcins.com                             


M P Gahm & Associates Inc. - (www.mpgahmassoc.com)
   Like a Benefit Mall is used to shop and quote major medical benefits
    from multiple carriers, our company is used to shop for the best worksite
    benefits from all the major carriers.

                           Call - Mathew P Gahm - (dir) 719-646-5979
                                                                 (off) 888-412-7285
(c) 719-963-5793
                      Email - mpgahmassoc@gmail.com


              Accelerated Benefits - Vol. -
              Advanced Voluntary Concepts (AVC) -
Aigilis - www.aigilius.com
American Worksite - www.americanworsite.com
               Benefit Management Group - www.worksitebenefits.com
   Carrington International - www.carrington.com
               Chimenti & Associates (CA) -
               Creative Worksite Solutions -
               Great American Supplemental Benefits Group -
HM Insurance Group - www.hminsurancegroup.com
               Innovative Equity Planning LLC - www.innovativeequityplanning.com
M P Gahm & Associates Inc. - www.mpgahmassoc.com
               Morgan White Group -
               National Worksite Benefit Partners -
               Triflex Corp. -
               Trion -
               Vesta Voluntary/Worksite -
               Voluntary Benefits Plus -
               Voluntary Benefits Systems -
               Worksite Benefits Inc. -

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